About Us

Red Cloak Wood Designs Inc.

If you need to decorate, enhance, elevate, refresh, and/or beautify your home, then you are in the right place!

We are a U.S. based company. All of our products are shipped from the U.S.

At Red Cloak Wood Designs we provide  beautiful home décor & home accessories to help you decorate and accessorize your living space. 

Home Décor & Home Accessories that you need to Turn Your Home Into Your Favorite Place to Be!


  • Customer-Focused – Ensure value, exceeding expectations, quick delivery
  • Improving/Expanding Product Lines – New, improving products
  • Sharing Our Success – Support charities that give people hope

 About Steve & Debbie, Owners of Red Cloak Wood Designs

Steve and Debbie formed Red Cloak Wood Designs after the pandemic forced a shut down of their travel agency. 

We have always believed a home filled with beautiful home décor makes everyone happy, relieves stress and is the most favorite place in the world to be.  "when you appreciate the benefits of having a beautiful living space you can easily see why home décor is a necessity".

We turned our passion for all things home décor into this amazing vision, i.e., Red Cloak Wood Designs  This is not just a business for us and customers aren't just another sale - We are really passionate about home décor and providing an awesome customer experience.  This is what differentiates Red Cloak Wood Designs from its really big competitors. 

One of tour greatest passions is sourcing reclaimed wood from old barns. Seeing these barns brought back to life thru our products fills us with a sense of pride. " Each and every board has a story to tell and we want to share its story"

Trends come and go but a beautiful home brings peace and enjoyment. 

Happy Shopping

Steve & Debbie Baca