New Journey

I know it has been about a minute since we have last posted. Wow what a year 2024 has been. Our business took a major gut punch in March when some FINE & Upstanding neighbors decided our "little business" annoyed them and waged a war to get us shut down. I truly thought we were done. However, Steve and I decided at that moment we had to fight like never before. We did just that. Thanks to some amazing cosmic intervention and meeting some wonderful people, we secured an amazing state of the art facility. 

We are so dang excited and the building has enabled us to also open a new storefront. The store is called The Pink Platypus Emporium. Make sure you go and follow the new store on Facebook. 

Its always so humbling to have such adversity thrown your way and sheer will and determination turns it into a positive. Just one more reason I know that we were meant to have this business and build beautiful things for others. 



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