How It All Began

If you would have told me 5 years ago, I would have been running a rustic wood home decor business, I would have said you were crazy. Now fast forward to today and it's not so crazy after all.

My husband and I started Red Cloak Wood Designs out of necessity. We owned a very successful travel agency and enjoyed traveling, remodeling and building bars as a hobby. Then Covid obliterated our world like it did so many others. We lost an entire years income in one day. We knew we had to pivot and do it quickly. 

We began this journey selling one type of bar style, stove covers and pastry boards out of our garage. I listed our products on several different sites and crossed our fingers it would work. Our products took off like a rocket, we were working 7 days a week 18-hour days to make sure all orders got fulfilled. We were thankful for the painting and packaging help from friends and family that wanted coffee and pizza as payment. We couldn't have done it without them. 

Fast forward to today, We have placed our wood bars and islands in homes and businesses all over the country.  We have filled thousands of kitchens with our handmade stove covers and pastry boards. It has filled us with a tremendous amount of pride. 

I will never say that it hasn't been hard work. here have actually been times where I didn't know if we would make it. We have scratched and clawed our way thru each step. We now have employees that do amazing jobs. We wake up each day and say Failure isn't an option. 

Buying from a small business means you are getting quality handcrafted products. You are helping a family stay in their home. You are supporting someone's dream.  We may not be able to deliver amazon fast, but we darn sure put our heart and soul into each piece. 

Debbie Baca

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