All wood has a story.. Here is ours

About the Wood…


The story of our authentic barnwood starts long before we decided to create our business and use the wood as a centerpiece for furniture – each plank has a rich, unique history stretching back centuries. All of our wood can be directly traced back to barns nestled in the rural hills of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our current wood inventory comes from a barn that stood proud and true for over 200 years, old enough that the original owner was given the rights to the land on a leather parchment signed by the King of England at the time! The farmer logged local trees, chopped the planks by hand, and assembled a magnificent piece of architecture meant to last generations while providing stability for his family. Over time the barn fell into disrepair which led the current owner to arrive at the decision that the barn needed to come down. Each board Is removed by hand and carefully separated by Its condition. We choose only the best planks for our bars. The other boards are looked at to decide If It Is a match for our other products. We even have a wonderful use for the boards that cannot be salvaged. We donate them to locals that need them to heat their homes. No waste.

We here at Red Cloak Wood Designs are inspired by these barns and the legacy each piece of barnwood carries. From the trees in the forest to the barn on the hillside to the expert hands of our craftsmen, this wood has truly stood the test of time and paved its way into all of our hearts. While the barn now lives in our memories, we are passionate about saving and respecting the wood that has lasted for so long. Our moral compass directs us to bringing these marvels back to life in some capacity. When looking at your piece of furniture from Red Cloak Wood Designs, take a minute to not only appreciate where it’s been, but how far it has come to make its way into your home. We hope you appreciate the journey; each piece of wood takes the word “handcrafted” to the next level!

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