We have great wood !

I still recall driving up the long gravel road to the first barn we were taking down. The barn, while a little lopsided and disheveled had such a magnificent stature. Little did I know at that time, this was the start on an amazing journey. 

One of the things we love most about what we do is our wood has a story. The barns we participate in the take down of are between 100-200 years old. Back to a time when using mixtures of hardwoods was the norm. The striation marks in the wood represent a time when things were built completely by hand. They have withstood harsh winters and blistering summers. Using the wood from these structures brings them back to life. 

We have incorporated many of the same aspects into the building of our bars and furniture pieces. They are built by hand using barn wood that has withstood the test of time. By purchasing, you are owning a piece of Americana. Pieces like this just aren't made any more.

Each time a barn is dropped we know it will continue to live on in the pieces we build. Its just one of the many reasons we say. We have great wood.

Debbie Baca





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